Übersee - Amerika - Neufundland
SG 142 Flugpost Brief 5600.00 €
1919 "Hawker" air stamp 3c. brown optd. "FIRST/TRANS-/ATLANTIC/AIR POST/April, 1919", used on First Transatlantic Air Mail Attempt cover by Harry Hawker and Maj. MacKenzie Grieve in a Sopwith plane from St. John's on May 18, 1919 to Ireland. (After flying about 1100 miles they were forced down in the sea near a Danish tramp steamer "Mary" whose crew rescued them.) The stamp tied "ST. JOHN'S/APR 12/2-PM/1919", and cover backstamped London May 30, 1919 on official UK post label "found open (torn) and officialy secured", minor imperfection as vert. fold. A GREAT RARITY OF PIONEER & INTERNATIONAL AIRMAIL. Bolaffi certificate, add. signed Diena. (SG from £18,000) (M)
4000.00 €