Motive und Thematische Philatelie - Verkehr und Transport
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1890/2000 (ca.), "The Story of the non-polluting Two-wheeler", all-embracing exhibit on apprx. 76 pages (plus plenty of loose material incl. better pieces!), showing the history of bicycle from the beginning to modern times with considering various aspects like industry/trading, security, applications, bike as work tool, sports/championships etc. Included are many attractive and better pieces like early entires and ppc, se-tenants/booklets, imperf, stationery with missing value, a vast range of postmarks/meter marks, perfin/parcel label, advertisement stationeries, DDR Michel no. 439 a I Y I (better watermark) as commercially used block of four (certificate Weigelt BPP, stated to be the only known block of four?), a MARVELLOUS SELECTION of LOCALS/PRIVATE MAIL (Germany/Western Australia/Norway/USA), colour proofs, artist's sketch etc. etc. Also the loose material should be viewed very varefully, since there are several better items to be found! (K)
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