Übersee - Amerika - Kanada (Canada)
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1896/1902, THE MACHINE CANCELLATIONS OF CANADA, extraordinary collection of apprx. 2.300 covers/cards/stationeries/fronts. The core of this collection is an exhibit in four albums with apprx. 570 pieces and showing the "IMPERIAL", "BICKERDIKE", "MYSTERY" and "INTERNATIONAL MACHINES" cancellations of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton, collected to every imaginable feature like types, dates (first/earliest/last days/hours), proofs, usages, destinations, double strikes and whatever. It contains a considerable range of RARITIES and even UNIQUE ITEMS. To be mentioned: Cover dated 10 March 1896, the ONLY REPORTED machine "first day cover"; Proof strike of the Jubilee flag, the cover illustration for "The Canadian Flag Cancellation Handbook", possibly unique; Proof strike of the Bickerdike Ensign "K" obliterator, NO OTHERS REPORTED; Toronto 1902 Straight Lines, Dies "A" to "F" complete, none used more than three days; Montreal "dots" cancel, one of the two copies reported. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY EVEN FOR THE MOST ADVANCED COLLECTOR OF THIS TOPIC - OR TO START A NEW COLLECTION AT TOP! (K2)