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Brief Falz Gestempelt 24000.00 €
1840-1920 ca., "THE BATH PHILATELIC SOCIETY REFERENCE & STUDY COLLECTION": Comprehensive collection in eight Rapkin volumes, built up from the thirties, of all important classic issues worldwide including genuine stamps, repaired stamps, forgeries, fake cancellations and different types of forgeries. Specialized and described with rare reproductions and facsimile stamps of Francois Fournier, Jean de Sperati, Georges Fouré, Peter Winter, Sigmund Friedl and others. Austria with Merkur issues, Belgium railway overprints, Spain with classic covers, Switzerland cantonal issues, USA locals, Uruguay suns, Italian states, Japan specialized with over 250 stamps starting first issues, Mexico Hidalgo issues, German states, British Colonies with die proofs, complete sheets, varieties and errors, Australia states high specialized with many certificates RPS, St.Vincent SG#32 certificate RPS (repaired), China with large Dragons and Shanghai local issues, Taiwan Formosa classic issues, France Ceres issues with complete sheets, Romania and Iran classics with a wide range of different types, India and Malaya states, Straits Settlements, Hong Kong specialized, South Africa with triangle sheets. Overall a lifetime collection built up by many experts of classic stamps worldwide, with high knowledge. Many rare stamps and reprints, unseen specialized studies of the most difficult issues in classic philately, so close inspection is highly advised, overall a desirable collection with many elusive stamps. (K)